Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tool #3 Videos, Stills, and Fair Use

Finding media to use such as videos and still clips is easier than ever. Using the resources responsibly, however, is one's duty as a citizen of the world wide web. The Fair Use policy allows users to use short clips of material as  long as the video or picture has been re-purposed. For instance, using a short segment of an article to illustrate a point in a presentation is valid while circulating the entire article for reading without the consent of the author is not acceptable.

Fortunately, there are videos and pictures where the author or photographer has given creative license for its use to the public. Flickr Creative Commons is one example of such as resource. Another would be new sites such as CNN or Fox News that provides streaming video that can be used for social studies or science classes.

I am currently exploring the use of student created video tutorials which give students a real life application for learning mathematics. Teaching others is a very rewarding experience for students. Giving students opportunities to consume student generated videos is an important instructional input that teachers should incorporate into their lessons as students learn how to create their own videos. To this end, I am going to use videos that I have found on Math Train.Com and some Khan Academy videos to give students some examples to emulate.

To the right is a Khan Academy video and check out the Math Train link to view student generated videos.

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